Mango Curry Zucchini Noodles::

Mango zucchini curry noodles! fully raw addition. My brother bought me a spirualizer for my birthday and now its zucchini noodles all day, every day. I made them a few nights ago for a few friends and they all loved them! It was a pesto one which ill be sharing next week because its too good not to share, and pictures of me eating noodles.. total score right? Austin read an article last week that said if you usually eat healthy that you crave indian and we c r a v e indian! So these noodles were the perfect fix. 

You'll need a spiralizer. This one is great and a good price!

  • 3-5 large zucchinis / cut the ends off and spiralize

Blend together:

  • 2-3 peeled oranges
  • a handful of orange cherry tomatoes
  • fresh basil and rosemary ( I used a handful of fresh basil and dried rosemary but fresh would be awesome.)
  • inch of ginger
  • tablespoon of turmeric 
  • half tablespoon of curly powder
  • pinch of cumin
  • 1 yellow mango peeled.

You can add almond milk to make it creamy. I like my sauce thick so I start off with 1 orange and add as I go. This would be amazing with an avocado mixed in as well. If your totally not into curry stay tuned for a pistachio pesto next week!