DIY Ankle Cut Off's

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A few posts back I had mentioned that a lot of my jeans aren't fitting me amazingly since I've lost weight. Well I just can't go out and throw out all my jeans so I've been making small tweaks here and there to fall back in love with them. I've been really into the style of cutting off the seams of your jeans and letting your ankles show a bit.  Plus I heard the french like to show their ankles and I'm all about looking french. Pretty much all of my jeans looks like this now. Some aren't destroyed at all with the ankles frayed and some are destroyed like the ones below. 

I love how it looks on skinny jeans. For this DIY I had a pair of straight legs I wanted to try. I ended up having to cut them about 2 inches higher but love them.

You'll need a pair of jeans, scissors and a knife. 

All you have to do is cut right above the seam on both legs. * I went back and cut about 2 inches off because they weren't where I wanted them for straight leg jeans. Always start with less and try them on and cut more. When thrown in the dryer they will shrivel up a bit, so keep that in mind.

After you cut off the bottoms, Take your knife and go side to side while applying pressure to start fraying your jeans. After you have roughed them up a bit, take the knife poke it through right above the fray. Continue to do this all the way around on both legs. This adds little holes and causes more fray for a more destroyed look. *Keep in mind the washer and dryer are your new BFF's and will do a lot of the fraying for you!

Thanks for letting me share! Happy weekend!