Just like that

I fell in love with Colorado again. You see, I can be quite emotional sometimes. Sometimes on days when I know I'm emotional... I'll just cry to austin and tell him " I'm feeling a lot today" its kind of silly, and yes I sound like a 5 year old but ya know what its okay to cry it out. Since we got back from California I've kind of hated this place. Which usually after a vacation it feels good to be home and you are recharged. Coming home this time, I got so bummed. I cried a lot and really started to despise the mountains and especially the springs. It's easy to be on hard on ourselves and try to convince ourselves we are not allowed to be bummed ever. When really, that just stresses me out. So I took a few days, made sure I worked out and drank a lot of greens, drove to the mountains and got over it. And boy, just like that I fell in love with Colorado all over again. We happened to be location scouting and stumbled upon the thickest fog over the mountains and the cool air + ben howard blasting through the speakers. Everything just felt right again, it felt like we were in the right place at the right time and I was happy I gave myself grace to get through it instead of having people shove down my throat why I should be happy. Sometimes you just gotta do it for yourself and be easy on yourself and allow yourself to grow through whatever your feeling. 

So happy monday! I hope you start this week off with lots of grace!