Dear, Chicago you have been everything we wanted you to be and much much more. You have caused us to grow closer in so many ways and introduced our bellies to the yummiest of foods! The weather has been off and on lately. One day "I cant breathe humid" and the next day (when i actually happen to wear shorts) cold enough for winter.  UH Summer where are you?! I do have to say Colorado ain't got nothing on Chicago's Storms. BRING ON THE RAIN. Because when it storms all I want to do I snuggle in bed with that boy and watch movies allllll day. Those are my favorite times... mhmm yeah... This week we've missed way to many busses to count that we've had to take those extra expensive cab rides to get to work on time. I love those awkward moments ...ya know when your cab driver wants to talk but your just trying to hurry and put your makeup on to not have that just out of bed look. (even though you pressed snooze 3 times and you did that look to yourself!) School and all its glory starts next week! so life gets a lot more exciting and yummy!  Thats when Austin gets to come home and cook for me what he learned in school that day.. I personally cant wait for the and those desserts have something reaaaaal special!

** Any awesome places your want to recommend in Chi-town?? we'd love to hear!

1. Late night sport games. 2 Dressed up for fancy interviews. 3 Practicing our cooking skills. 4 Midnight babysitting for family. 5 bye bye brother! 6 Foggy morning train rides. 7 Caught in the middle.8 I live for these passionate notes.9. Movie dates that turn into torrential downpours. 10 Good morning city:: Good morning dreams. 11//12 exploring. 13. That View. 14 Farmers Market. 15//16 DAYS OFF. 17 Kumas too. 18. Saturdays. 19. Nonsense. 20. Greek Easter