NAPS. Just about our favorite thing in the whole world ..shows hows sophisticated we arehuh? ( YOU LOVE THEM TO! ADMIT IT!) there just hasn't been enough time in the past few days.. I work really early and Austin works super late. We're in that whole transition into big kids phase... yeah we don't quite get it yet...or like it. So when we do get to see each other... we nap... sounds kind of lame awesome right? But seriously, theres nothing I love more than jumping into bed and getting held by the man of my dreams. He is my safe place, my comforter and the one that makes my heart whole. So heres to today babe, our quick 30 minute nap and even shorter honey latte date. You are the hardest working man I know && you've got something I need.

** how much do you love naps?...............because we think there they are life savors!