Its almost september and two short years ago this coming month we skipped class and drove through the prettiest of views to go carve our name is some blooming aspens. These pictures still take my breath away. I'm not gonna lie a little part of me wishes I could spend fall in the mountains camping and hiking and wearing flannels with my man. but ill just have to cram my posts with aspens for now.

We've been here for almost four months..holy whoa! My country boy has lived in the city and survived. He probably even knows his way around better than me..which is a bit sad but hey! he deserves it. I never thought we'd ever ever move to this city. The whole time we were dating austin never actually said it but i knew he never (ever) wanted to live in a city period. well he might of said it... but I just ignored him and look at us we are living in one of the greatest cities and for him because of him. It makes me wanna say ha ha ha i told you! life sure got you on that on babe. but it was totally the Lord that led us here and were constantly reminded of it. 

Often I look back on my life on specific moments and memories and think about the opportunities I've missed or what could have gone differently and I've grown a much needed appreciation and understanding for all of those young decisions and bold choices. They are what got me to this beautiful life that I love. I just have to remind myself that Jesus will open the doors for opportunity and that I haven't "lost" all my windows and doors. Its funny when you choose to look at things and be thankful how wonderful your life becomes. 
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