When you finally get something good, enjoy it.
don't go on trying to get something "better" 

Life is so wonderful. Lately the weather has been to good to us. Days off have been long and fulfilling. Jesus has given us such a peace that makes like so beautiful.

my brothers and sister were in town and i could have cried with excitement! i wish we could all live in one big house on the ocean together. and keep all there greatness to myself! because man oh man are they going to do some amazing things in this world and i don't wanna miss of a second of it!

 and then theres moments like these. that ill keep forever in my heart. moments i get to spend with this women and watch how close those two grow. these days i'm often reminded how short life is. I want to absorb every beautiful moment and replay it in my mind daily. part of this reason i started this blog was be able to slow down in this busy city and breathe in all these wonderful moments that make up our lives. to be reminded to live and love passionately. to speak with purpose and to truly live our lives. 

i use to feel like life was so scary and big and full of choices everyday. but i have to say.. life has been so rich and full and i have no complaints.. ( insert cheers and clinking of beers here)
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