i get serious about some red leaf..

not pictured: tons of avocados , box of kale, corn , FIGS (glorious figs) and a few others.

this was just our first order..ya know to test the waters to see if we can REALLY do this. we will be putting in a new order for next week. but for now i just wanna talk about why we decided to go raw for as long as we can. i had a few people comment on my Instagram and ask me if i was a "raw foodist" and it made me laugh because I'm no where close(but very sweet)...I'm just tapping into the "raw" world and though Im fascinated with every video and fact i read i want to learn for myself. You can read a million things but until you put them to test and try it yourself how are you suppose to really know. 

I'm gonna document as much as i can for as long as we do this. were not to sure how long. at first we said 2 weeks then on day one we said a month..and then we talked about forever? I guess it all depends on the results we see and if all the "facts" are true for us and our bodies. 

were hoping to...

1. we see a drastic change in how sound we sleep
2. our overall energy
3. if we wil die without coffee
4. how our bodies adjust to eating raw while working out the same
5. if our belies flatten(we believe your stomach is a target area and is stricktly affected by how you eat.)
6. if we think clearer 

overall we want to see a 100% improvement in our lives. clear minds, excellent level of energy, fully satisfied, lean muscle and just being happy. 

now for some iphone photos if you don't follow me on Instagram...


 i'll be posting some "green juices" over the next few days and following up on some goals.

xoxo- - Steph

* almost all food is purchased from a local grocer in Plainfield, IL called Peter Rubi
they are so kind and come from a long line of grocers. I love to give them our business and support. Plus there prices are to die for ...soooo that pretty much seals the deal.