When I signed up for my classes at the Art Institute. Dream come true!

When We welcomed fall with open arms.

When I started living in those ankle boots until i'm re-united with my wedges in Texas (important stuff)
Speaking of Texas, i'm so excited to book our tickets this week to see our family!
insert vacation party dance here:

When this song has been on repeat for both of us.

When we got to spend some real time together and my heart is full.

When we got to take advantage of our membership at the art museum. It was so fun to talk about the pieces we loved and laugh at the silly ones. Most importantly to realize we are not as sophisticated as most art museum goers...ha

When Austin has become the perfect coffee maker and how he always sneaks cinnamon in mine.

When snoozing the alarm 4 times in the morning becomes necessary. Its the little things. 

When we talked about moving again and it made our hearts jump.  

Its officially fall weather here in Chicago and theres nothing that makes me more excited or in love then sweater weather, long walks, hot coffee and hand holding. This is going to be a season of fulfillment. This guy has a birthday coming up and birthdays are to go down in style. 
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