Lovely list from this blog

Making : Avocado salad.
Cooking : {Austin} cooking French Onion Soup from Scratch.
Drinking : Earl Grey Tea.
Reading: Proverbs and this post .
Wanting. To move back to the mountains desperatly ...
Looking: At Vine videos every night when we got o bed.. i know..
Playing: "Lets pretend winters not coming and that fall will last forever"
Wasting: Kale, spinach and apples. our fridge sucks.
Fixing: Our fridge.. Chicago living isn't always the finest.
Deciding: On how long we should vacation in texas and how to make Spain happen in March.
Wishing: For community..
Enjoying: Walks through all the parks in the city. I'll find every single one of them.
Waiting: to get a new license and passport with my new name..but not wanting to go to the DMV.
Liking: This Quote about marrying your best friend.
Wondering: When and Where can i get my hands on a cronut.
Loving: How sweet and tender Austin is with me. He fills my life with good moments.
Pondering: Life & Ministry.. Is there a book on 5 steps to becoming a successful missionary?
Considering: Having babies.. which wont actually happen but I just need an infant fix. im a sucker for those bald heads. 
Watching: The commentary on Pride & Prejudice.
Hoping: For a simpler life in the near future.
Marveling: At where God has brought us and is taking us.
Needing: Steph, Chaney, Justin, Mel and Jessica. 
Smelling: The fall crisp air out of the window in the shower. love that little window.
Wearing: Sweaters just like this 
Following: Her , Her & Him
Noticing: The difference in eating raw compared to not.
Knowing: My worth.
Thinking: About camping.
Feeling: Thankful.
Admiring: Old men on busses who are so kind.
Buying: Onions and Bananas.
Getting: The sniffles.
Bookmarking: Apartment Therapy and All sorts of Airlines
Opening: New tabs.
Giggling: Whenever I'm not at work.
Feeling: Thankful still.

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