This past weekend we both happened to have off..Which around here is a pretty big deal. We spent it running around this rainy city exploring and getting to know Chicago a little more. 

We woke up on Saturday, drank coffee and hurried off to wicker park where we spent most of the morning in and out of thrift stores, record stores, hipster coffee shops and ate our way through some tasty food. We picked up my man some awesome shirts but can I just say that thrift shopping was so much cheaper when it wasn't the "cool" thing to do and boy do I wish everyone would leave all the good finds to me.. But I guess we found some goods for Austin so he wins this time.  

oh yeah baby...because fringe is so "in" these days..

Then... We took the blue line to the grand stop to visit our new favorite tattoo shop (quality quality gents they are) where Austin got a fancy S tattooed on his ring finger...because on accident somebody lost his ring ...sad story... But life goes on and ink is much harder to loose. It was so cute he said he wanted to feel "claimed" again. he loves me good. 

Then after all that goodness, we walked to the zoo down the street. I don't know if ill ever get over having a zoo in the middle of a city..but they have them and it's free and who doesn't love free things. So while we walked hand in hand the air was crisp with a zero percent humidity ... life was perfect. We searched for the animals which.. we never have much luck. Maybe that's where the free thing plays in??? oh and austin took pictures of me pretending to be in the jungle.. because you gotta blend in when your in the jungle right? .. anyways... it was quite the perfect evening to begin fall.

more importantly we've been praying our little hearts out and Jesus has been so faithful and evident in this time of our life. Perusing us and walking with us each step of the way. It's beautiful... I can't get over how much closer we have grown together and the plans Jesus has for us as a couple are far more than I ever imagined. I think it really took stepping back and away from our little bible college friends and community to be able to step into the position and plans God has set before us. He has truly changed our hearts and minds. He has filled us with crazy wild desires which are exciting, scary and intimadating...did I mention extremely exciting?

then end.