So yesterday, I had a mullet. It was hilarious and awful. Thats when you trust your husband to take kitchen sisscors and snip away at your mullet well folks thats true love. Also it was so cold my fingers were freezing I am lovingggggg this cold weather. Bring on the winter coats! Yesterday I woke up early and took these photos by the lakefront. If it wasn't for the traffic noise behind me you'd think I was by an ocean. See that little sail boat? Yeah he wishes it was the ocean to. On a side note Austin ate burgers for breakfast, steak for lunch and a roast for dinner. I was completely disgusted but I didn't cook any of it so super blessed to say at the least...if you think beef is a blessing.. ha. So today I'm super thankful for a husband who gets to sleep next to me, more almond butter pancakes and this chilly chilly weather. Can Fall stay forever?
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