There's this amazing place down the street where austin has worked a few shifts, super fancy and high class but in the mornings there open for gluten free donuts and coffee. So my mom was all over that and spoiled up with these!

Reading: an incredibly boring photography book. any good suggestions? would love a good read. 

Eating: 99c a pound honey crisp. suck that world. my mother knows where to get them for cheap. also pancakes all the time. So healthy.. but we are huge pancake fans. Morning, night...pancakes with almond butter and honey. We go through jars of almond butter. and this points us back to why we should be eating raw..

Thinking about: a ton of things. But just a few... I'm horrible at this 31 days of blogging thing. I often try to come blog and end up just drafting posts... from here on out. I need to stay committed. Also, how my brother Zach scared the crap out of me the other day when he was surfing. His surf board came back and gashed his face and he needed stitches. I guess you cant protect people from everything in this world but I want to keep them in a bubble and let them be adventurous in the bubble..not out.

Enjoying: KING. I finally saw my baby rhino. He was the cutest thing in the world. I've waited so long to see him and still only saw him for a few seconds. Then i had dreams that instead of getting a pupyy we got a rhino.. and that haunted me. But still King is the cutest little thing. I'm also enjoying videos of little baby pigs. and seeing all babies. Definetly having baby fever but staying strong in knowing we are not ready for a baby. but someone let me hold your baby. (insert missing your nanny job now)

Watching: so much netflix. Staring The Office over, new girl and tons of movies. to many shows to catch up on. 

Thankful: for so much. For this blog keeping me on my toes, school and all its homework. for this fall weather, payday this coming friday and friends in far places who have our back.

Loving: How Austin talks through everything with me. He is so understanding and willing to work through anything it's like he was made to be an incredible husband or something! . Also some exciting news.. that cant be shared yet. But Loving our exciting news and cant wait to share. 

finally got to link up with this sweet ladies currently posts i adore her writing , her beautiful tattoos and her beautiful family!

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