shoes.jeans.sweater.hat(stolen from my brothers closet)

A few random things for your day.

 1. Austin calls this my a horse blanket. I call it the best thing thats ever happened to me. The moment I laid eyes on this bad boy I knew I was never meant to take it off. I'm loving anything and everything aztec. I know that pattern is coming into style but for me it reminds me of Colorado which really feels like home to us. So i've been picking/pinning rugs with bold aztec patterns adding up my wish lists full of native indian style. I can not wait to decorate a bigger space. 

2. I stayed up till 3am playing with photoshop all to realize I hate it so very much.

3. Colorado has changed me. I have become a winter person. I'm all like bring on the winter coats and snow!!!! That means more snuggling and takeout for this couple!! and who doesn't love that?

4. I had this awesome project I have to do which involves a photo of a man staring straight into the camera covered in bees... I'm all like "Austin...what if i make you pose like that and just draw little bees on you with a sharpie?...do you think that will work?" and of course he's all like" yeah Steph..... lets try that!" hahaha.. but seriously at least people may think its funny or who knows art institute may get offended. I'll keep ya posted if that actually happens.

5. I'm not so great at 30 day challenges and it has only taken about a 100 attempts at silly challenges to figure that out. 

Speaking of 30 day Challenges..

I am thankful for this chilly weather. It causes us to bundle up go on walks and stay really close. I like to hold Austin's hand while his hand is in his pocket. It makes a world of a difference because then both of our hands are warrrrmmm. Also, Super thankful for friends who want to go on longgg road trips with us. We sure picked some good ones. 

Hope everyones enjoying there fall days full of pumpkin patches, fairs and cider!! Long live the fall!! but seriously.. 
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