Marriage is: waking up to your best friend every morning even if its at 5am. having coffee at all hours of the day, running in the rain to catch a bus, lots of bus rides and making out, kissing in cabs, figuring out where you want to live, messing up, lifting each other up but seriously carrying me at random times, making big decisions, kissing, Netflix, making small decisions like where to eat that day, sharing drinks, sneaking into movies, going to tons of movies, spending all day in bed laughing, crying, eating ice cream, laughing, figuring life out, eating to much popcorn, being exhausted, kissing, getting lost, fighting and arguing about how to squeeze the toothpaste, dreaming big then bigger dreams, sweatpants, showers, long walks, eating to much, wrestling, encouraging each other, agreeing on beer and disagreeing on chores, burning food, eating takeout, chinese food, praying, listening, talking till you fall asleep.  marriage is seeing each other at your worst and at your best and all your in-betweens. There is no one else id rather laugh or argue with or eat the whole box of ice cream sandwiches with.  
Stephanie PollockComment