outside of our apartment ^^ to the left.

so.....guys, this past week has been so boring. Ever feel like your life is on repeat? that was this past week for me. wake up, work, sleep, repeat...D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L-L.....This is the view outside of our window. Well half of it. The other half is more rooftops and our friendly neighbors like to go out there and have a nice smoke. It's also the view we get to look out at when we shower. Under that little blue brick wall space is a restaurant. So if we're lucky we can watch people eat and they can watch us change. Its a win win situation for everyone...

One. Everyone I know has either just had a baby or just found out they are pregnant..OR..about to give birth at any second. Even Jim and Pam on the office just had their first baby! (i'm catching up) This makes me uterus jump...and want 94825928 babies.. then I tell austin and he laughs and laughs and laughs and just tells me I'm silly.. I feel like this is all I talk about.

two... in less than 40ish days we are moving to the glorious mountainess state of Colorado. I have never been so excited for a winter in my life. But this is to good to us.

three: Five months untill I'm 21. You only get so many birthdays to look forward to. 16,18 and 21. I decided im gonna throw in 25.. Because maybe when i'm 25 and Austin is 28(sheet) we will start having babies. ...I get way to sentimental about birthdays. I'm always like Austin this is what we were doing on this day last year and two years before that and three! So I wonder what i'll say or do on this birthday. But first we celebrate his birthday and all its glory!

Back to number two for a second. You like how I just slid that one in their? I'm so sneaky. Okay but really. We are moving early December. There are so many words to fill up so many posts about our time here and how great it was and why we are moving back. But i'll make it easy and say we know with out a doubt we are being called to Colorado right now. We know that we know that is where God has us but we also know that we were suppose to do all this moving around. People think we are crazy for doing what we do... we think we are crazy sometimes. But we have so many amazing memories. I'll never forget driving to Florida with all of out stuff in our one car and crossing over all those bridges and looking for gators.. because I was convinced we were gonna go gator hunting.. and then all those beautiful moments at the beach we had everyday..I can still feel that breeze..  or when we decided to move to Chicago and all that scary thoughts that came with that but how I got to watch Austin be so brave and lead us here. How he figured out this city faster than I ever could have and how we found ourselves here. In the midst of this huge city we figured out a little more to our lives that we were trying to all along.  We know moving back to Colorado is going to be such a amazing season. So bring it life!

and thats that...
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