Today I feel like I have my city spark back. I always saw myself living in the city having some awesome job that I got to dress up for letting my little fashionista at heart be free. And since moving to the city there has been many not so glamorous moments and stinky situations that have easily crushed my dream. If I'm being honest I haven't enjoyed Chicago to much. I've said I have, I've convinced myself I have and told everyone I have. But deep down I was super let down with my dream not being a reality.. And struggled with finding my happy. I'm extremely happy with my marriage and how much we have grown but super let down by our surroundings and my heart has been in colorado. Where life was... much simpler... things came easier and friendly faces were abundant. 

The other day I was telling Austin how October was gonna be my month! Our month. Things were going to turn around and be a blast not just the little things but how were gonna really love living the city life (he already felt that way and was way ahead if me) how our hearts would finally be here where we are in the present and not longing for "what's next" or the past.

Well I was running late to my first day of classes (what's new) and super lost in the city trying to find my class building which btw there's to many buildings and I stopped to get a coffee to just breathe and I realized... This is it... This is my moment I always wanted. A spark just reignited and I all the sudden felt my heart be here the now and happy to be in the midst of busyness. I saw my dream become a reality. But not a force yourself type of reality... A this is where I'm suppose to be reality. 

Today I'm thankful for perspective