Today, today is freezing. Today is so cold my little hands feel like falling off. But today, today is perfect. This guy found one of his birthday presents early.. I was at school one day and came home and noticed things a little shifted ran into the bathroom I didn't even have to say anything his face was so red because he knew I noticed! So we laughed and laughed and I told him he could wear them early. Sorel boots are officially a family favorite. They are the warmest and such high quality. Now I just want mine! (ebay has some killer deals.)

Jacket:Thrifted, Jeans:Lucky, Boots:F21, Shirt:Husbands, Scarf:H&M, Hat:Brothers

If you were to scroll through the photos that Austin took of me it would be a lot of laughing and jumping and blurry ones. I'm just to happy to stand still today. Plus it was freezing so that didn't help. One of our best friends called me this morning full of inspiration and passion and asked if I would help him with his new blog. Its going to be all about testimonies and instead of all the dramatic negative news we have going every time you open up yahoo or turn to channel two he wants to inform people on how many amazing things God is doing through people all over the world. So he's starting a blog that will eventually turn into much bigger things. I'm so thrilled to help and be able to be a part of something like that. I will share more on that soon! Jesus has been filling us up with big gigantic dreams and we feel like some are starting to come to pass. It's been such a fun season and we are trying to soak it up because we can feel a shift and know things are about to change.

      You can thank my camera on top of the dumpster and self timer for this cuteness. Blurry and all

Today I'm thankful for sneaking on top of roofs and how that man still chooses to date me even though we are married.
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