Two weeks ago I over head a woman talking on the bus say "see I wasn't that smart, I put to much into my work and not enough into my life" 

Fast forward to this week. Another week of me trying to find myself. Sitting in class, 
talking to this women who recently picked up her life in sunny L.A and dropped herself here in a much colder Chicago. She was telling me how she spent her whole life working and becoming the youngest VIP of her company and how through all of that hard work she lost her passion...She lost her spark and she hated her life... to a point where she needed a fresh start. a new beginning in a sense. 

I told her how that takes courage and that she was amazing. 

There are many times feel this creeping "feeling" come upon me. This feeling about fitting in and if i'm living my life wrong? lately i've realized that this feeling is just some fab we are told as children, that we need to grow up, go to college, bring home the bacon, make a home then kids then retire and move to Florida. Because Florida is where all retired people go right?  We get put into this cookie cutter life, given a guideline of how were suppose to live. Its these small little moments when I catch myself and replay those dreams that God told me when I was a little girl and reply those conversations I over hear on the bus. I realize how thankful I am that I had a mother who told me it was okay to do other things. To pursue my passions. To live abundantly and not by some cookie cutter guidelines who let me explore what I wanted to. Then I think about my husband.. that man of mine and the adventure in his heart. The adventure to travel and love on people in third world countries. How Nicaragua has been on his heart. The Little girls and boys who just need love. It makes me yearn for that kind of  adventure that everyone else around you thinks your crazy but you know your doing what your suppose to do. You know your living your life right.. full and with purpose. I'm thankful for realizing the beautiful adventure it is following God, following your dreams and living with purpose. 

This blog is going to document so much more than just our travels and our moves. It's going to document the days of laying down our lives to love others. We don't plan on traveling just for ourselves but to fulfill the calling on our lives. To reach out to the broken and bring them hope and healing. To bring them a joy that surpasses all knowledge and a love that never ends.

I'm thankful for weeks that seem hard because I always come out on the other side stronger and more thankful. I get to know myself more and learn what I truly want.
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