Im Linking up with a few thousand bloggers to write on one topic for each day in October. You have until Friday so Link UP! Its definitely will be a challenge but I've been need of a little challenge. This past week has been H-A-R-D. Ive cried out almost all my tears and talked all the ears I can talk off. So with little thought I have decided to write on Thankfulness for the next 31 one days in some way or another. I have so much to be thankful for and what better way to remind myself than to blog it and maybe inspire you guys to be thankful for whats going on in your life to!

I often fail myself and i'm my own worst critic. I get nervous so easily and while it may look like i have life together. I soooooooo dont. There is so much I want and often overwhelm myself. So this next thirty one days i'm going to step back, breathe a little more and be thankful for each and every thing in my life. 

Lately I'm thankful for

walks to the zoo to see King the new baby rhino. Even though each time we have missed that napping 200 pound boy. Each walk has been so refreshing and full of crisp air with my mr. maybe tomorrow we'll see that hunk. 

A husband who takes naps with me, rides the bus with me and brings me home his good cooking from school. Seriously blown away by him. 

Friends all over the states who pick up the phone no matter the time. Ah I love those friends of mine. So encouraging and full of hope. Friends are such a gift.

For the ability to dream and make plans for the future. And the small reminder that time flies.. April will be here no time ( more on that later)

For emails to companies in Spain. HIRE ME HIRE ME ...but really.. Hire me. 

For internet. yes finally internet in our apartment! (insert boottay shake now)

For my class to start tomorrow! for homework I need to finish yes I said homework. 

and of course for all the honey crisps in the world. Get in my belly! 

See you right back here tomorrow for more talk on being thankful and how it changes your perspective.

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