We are celebrating being done moving by sleeping in, cooking, working out and not having an agenda!
Soaking up every last second of this no schedule thing! Heres a few photos off my instagram. The third one down is our empty apartment! We were stuck in 4 hours of traffic yesterday it super fun said no one ever. But Here's to the thunder storms and humid days and all the snuggles in between.

I'm crushing on these pins one.two.three

butternut squash. You could never tell the difference between that and sweet potatoes. We made them sweet in the oven and spicy in a pan and I think I ate all of them.

eating tons of pomegranates. my mom showed me this super easy/cheesey video but it really works!
seriously changed my whole perspective on pomegranates.

making my christmas list.. which im having the hard time of the idea of having a list...more on that later and dreaming of our trip coming up on Monday. Me and airports go well together.

also. we've been taking this old lady on walks

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Happy Mondays Friends!