PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage

Definitely feeling a little stuck in limbo these past few days. When I say limbo I imagine you're thinking of that scene in Inception when they wash up on the beach and waves keep hitting them and they start building towers...Definitely not what I'm creating over here. My towers more look like blobs of dirt.

The last few days before we moved from florida were some of my favorites and my mind is just overwhelmed with ideas and lists. So while i've been feeling a little low my husband has been putting up with me in the sweetest of ways. A little fun fact about Austin whenever I want to color or cut my hair he is always right there telling me how beautiful I look or telling me I should try it. I've held on to this picture (click it) from Pinterest for about a year now and wanted to create a little photo shoot just like it.  so here it is.. slightly different but made me feel a bit better and a little more inspired.

and now for a slightly less mello dramatic highlight...

We have had appointments for people to rent our apartment all week! God is so faithful everyone has said how it's a bad season for people to rent. We'll not for these kids with the most B-A apartment around. I mean any girl who see's our closet will feel like they are Carrie Bradshaw. I mean that is why we signed the lease. I was all like yea Austin the other apartment has a bedroom but this one has  the perfect closet!!!! So we are winning that one. 

what do you guys think? did i come close to my dream picture? I think i need a little haircut..
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