A few pros and cons for you about city living. Just because its November 1st
and now ill name them in a perfect list... because I love lists.

One.dont bother going to the'll need to go grocery shopping. But while grocery shopping you'll realize you have to carry all your groceries by yourself and the walk up 6 sets of yourself which that means you'll have to make two trips to the grocery store.. Sooooo that means that your arms start to grow muscles you never knew existed. So go ahead and cancel that gym membership.

Two. You are the only nice person. Seriously though. No one will open the door or say hello or smile at you. Except old men. Old men are the best. They talk to you on the bus and tell you how wonderful life is. So be the nice person and open the door and say thank you even though no one else will.  And if you find someone who opens the door for you while your hands are full with groceries (see point #1) HUG THEM. hug them a lot.

three. No matter what time it is, There is always somewhere to eat not just any places but really good places to eat! Not as glorious as Village Inn at 3am but still pretty worthy of late night snacking. So thats a big plus of living here. Also you can walk out your door and get some of the best Chinese food your buds have ever tasted add that your pro list.

Four. Walking. Another reason you don't need a gym membership. There is always somewhere to walk and something new to see. We go on walks just because all the time. It has added so much to our marriage and I absolutely love it! There is something so romantic about bundling up and going on walks!

Five. The con for walking is that you have to leave sooooooo early to get anywhere on time because CTA hates showing up on time. The system over all just sucks. I really hate CTA I thought I would love taking the train and bus everywhere but that was a false hope. It gets old after like day number two. So excited to have a car again.

Six. You learn super great defensive skills. When you are walking home late at night and someone sneaks up on you, you just scream and they are the ones who get scared. Also your husband will forever make fun of you for that.

there's a few others but ill keep those for later.
Stephanie PollockComment