the last few days have been spent packing, loading and unloading and hot tubbing it at my parents house to relax from all the moving. Moving three times across the country in less than one year has it perks. We have become really great at delegating, making lists and getting rid of things. I'm kind of a no box freak. Austin really wanted to get boxes this time and I was like no they take up to much room lets just use re-usable bags.. and somehow that is what we ended up doing and ended up telling him how he was right. so i have a little bit of reorganizing to do. See we really like to just pack up our car and go and our amazing friends are driving out here to help us so we will be able to move with two cars. 

So if you would have asked me a week ago how I felt about moving. I probably would have given you a long sap story and ramble on about how slow time was passing. I felt like we were stuck in limbo and now that the day is here and we know that this season is over we both feel like a huge pressure has been lifted off of us and now we can see all the fun times and experiences we have had here for what they are. Tonight I was thinking about the story in Daniel with the three men Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego and the Furnace and how God walked them through it unharmed and instead of the king trying to kill them his heart was changed. After going to read it a few times it really hit home with me. Through the past six months we have experienced more hardship than we ever thought. Whether that was daily circumstance or just questioning who we are deep down and what we are doing life was hard. Now this was completely our own decision. When we moved from colorado we didn't know why or what we were doing we just wanted to go explore and try to do something else than what we were doing. We moved around and it was really fun and when we landed in the city we started realizing it wasn't what we wanted. School was fun and all but it wasn't really our passion and what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. After realizing that it was like everything started to get really complicated and it was hard to breathe. We were really feeling the "heat". After praying and just talking we found our vision again and laughed at ourselves for thinking we could do anything but that. Fast forward five months after finishing out things the right way we are out of that season and able to see how Jesus walked us through every step. He was right there giving us the strength to get through that day or moment. We have learned so much. I have learned about living in grace and relaying on God to be my rock and to know what his promise. He isn't kidding when he says all we need is him. In him we find riches and glory. We have learned to stand on the promise's of God to get us through our silly decisions but to know even if we "miss it" we didn't "miss it" we are so thankful for the perspective that we have gained on life and the answers of questions life who we are and the strength it has brought us as a couple. Leaving here I feel completely different a much stronger person who has a deeper revelation of who I am..