So I made this oath right. to never ever wear leggings again. There has been countless times in the city we are walking behind someone and can see straight through those lovely little comfy thanngs to there bottaayyy. full on. bare bottom. all hanging right out. HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW THAT? I wanna be like hey gurlll... put some panties on. OR maybe hey girl time to buy a new pair of leggings.  So I haven't dared to even put one of mine on. Seeing every time I try to, I see someones bootay in my face.  Well yesterday was the first snow fall. Now Sometimes snow causes you to forget your oaths and throw on your comfy leggings and go out and dance in the sunlight.
 little side note. It was freezing in these photos, it looks like fall but it is definitely in the 30's over here.

Happy Tuesday from me to you and all my small talk about leggings.. 
This is the first time I've gotten dressed in days. Sad I know right...let's see if i can keep this up.
Tomorrow we start packing! You can find me making road-trip playlists and smooching my man. His birthday is in two days! TWO. I think i'm more excited than he is. But that man works so hard. And he deserves to be spoiled like never before! ya know..unlike that time I got him stuck on I-70 in a snow storm...

guys.. this is my friend more like sistaaa Jessica's blog.
I get to see her the 18th! She's going big places! you should go check her out!
p.s 18 things
p.s.s. this pin. to die for. 
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