Ever since I was a little girl my dad and I have always dreamt of owning a farm or having horses in the country. I've always been attractive to the beauty of the country. The wide open spaces, fresh air, early mornings and endless cups of coffee. It goes hand in hand with this desire to be self-substainable. Austin and I dream about owning property and small farming all the time we know its not for us now but can see it happening one day. So when we come down to the land every thanksgiving it's like my heart beats out of my chest. Plus this year there was a new loyal pup to play with and some fun four wheeling adventure down dirt roads. I cant get over the gorgeous nights and the quiet of the forrest. oh, and how perfect the light is. I dream of doing photo-shoots in that light.

I have one more post on this trip and a little video to share. Our friends come in to town tomorrow to help us move. We are crossing our fingers the weather stays good .