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We had this glorious road trip planned. we were all gonna switch every two hours and jam and make crazy memories. it was gonna be the road trip of our lives... and then we got hit with snow and had to leave early and drive through the night. So a lot of the trip was silent or to cold to get out and switch. But still one we wont ever forget. These two are such great friends. They are the type of friends who can make any situation fun even if it is freezing outside. oh the memories right??

Lately me and Austin have been having talks about whats "enough"  and how someone (me) always wants more. That man is the most content man on the planet. I'm convinced I've never met another soul who doesnt need a thing and is completely happy with what they have. I on the other hand lack the will to have enough and to know when something is enough. When I sorta took part in the 30 days of thankfulness it helped me realize that difference. But for right now and while writing this, it has clicked just a little bit more.

Im living in such a beautiful city... exactly where i'm suppose to be
With incredible friends who chase after the same passion as I do.
I have an outlet for all my rambles and feel more focussed than usual.
My family is supportive and my husband loves me so fiercely
hes incredible charming and takes care of me and right now it is easy to trust God for my hopes and dreams and to say that I am content for this moment.

soooooo...lets just hope I can keep this all up.

heres a 30 second video of how it was for a little bit. fun stuff. completely unfocused