hey guys this is shaw.. oh what is that? You think he was a christmas present .... I WISH. shaw is the best of the best. He is part Rottweiler my dream dog and half husky so he is pretty much my temporary new toy. He belongs to our good friends. We have been living with them the past month and all of my puppy dreams are coming true Oh and my friend dreams too. Ya know important stuff in life. Since being in the springs life has been relaxing. You would think because its kind of opposite situations and when things shouldn't be going good they are the completely amazing. This Holiday season has been the exact opposite of ones in the past but the perfect reminder of who/what I'm thankful for. Life is so good and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So lets talk about goals. I usually tend to make goals and either (A. forget to write them down or (B. forget them all together...remember a few months later and get really upset. So this year is gonna be one for the books. Not only am I going to write down these goals They are going to be realistic goals that bring more peace than craziness into my life. Especially now that I have this handy dandy blog to keep updating It will be easier to keep track of them all.

oh and am I the only one who mailed out her whole families christmas gifts today? Fail on me.
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