Oh hey blog, I've been ignoring you. so horrid? I promise to be better to you. I could lie and say we've been busy..which I would count moving across country, settling inn and seeing old friends plus the emotional side of that...busy.. but really we have had nothing to do but have fun. Our road trip was a bunch of snow and driving through the night but we made the most of it. Since we have moved its been so fun seeing our dear friends. We really took this place for granted. I use to drive through this park everyday to get to my house and i'd mostly speed through it just to get home. Now driving through it again means so much to me. I just melt. There is an overwhelming sense of peace when you know you are where you are suppose to be. Everything feels sweeter and more meaningful these days.

We snapped these today right after our fun interviews we are really excited about. That man just melts this heart of mine. I know that every girl thinks there man is the best. But I'm thankful for a man who hears Gods voice and takes us on crazy adventures.

P.S Do you think December is flying by? I would like it to stop and bring some heavy snow our way.