Yesterday we went hiking for the first time since we have moved back. We consider ourselves complete west siders. The west side of the springs is like our comfort. Austin has always lived considerably close to the foothills and I lived tucked away in the foothills before so being on the opposite side of the springs is something completely new. It is so much easier to get anywhere. It use to take us 20-30 minutes just to get out of the little hills and its kind of nice being centrally located. Except for the hiking trails being 20-30 minutes away. I know such a long drive right...haha. So our friends told us about Palmer Park trails. Which is literally five minutes away from there house so we jumped right on that. Who woulda known all those trails were hidden in the bluffs in the middle of the city..okay I'm sure everyone knows and that I'm way behind the curve. But I was never on this side off town soooo I get to be all excited about it. Austin wanted to run the whole time and I definitely was holding him back. I'm more of a climber and he's definitely all about running these trails. Maybe one day we'll meet in the middle..

I dont think ill ever get over how much sky there is. It never ends.