New Year::

My word this year or more like phrase to live by this year is "Love Relentlessly". There is nothing else I want to do in my life than to love relentlessly and see through peoples hurt. I want to be able to love them through who they are and not what there pain says they are. I want to be able to see people how the Lord see's them and the beauty that they behold. I've been learning more about is how the Lord calls us His Beloved and what that truly means.

 I said in this post I tend to forget my goals or give up on them. I think the most important thing you can do when setting up goals is make realistic goals. Goals you can add or incorporate into your everyday life. What works for me might not work for you.

1. Eat 80% Raw 100% of the time. While I was eating 100% a few months back I have never felt better. I had the most energy the clearest mind and overall my body loved me back. So my goal is to be 80% because I am a big believer in balance. There is a balance for everything and when we become super strict on ourselves it makes things hard an not quite as fun. When your husband is a chef and loves to cook but also loves to eat clean with you it's fun to be relaxed and enjoy food instead of being so strict and possibly failing. I mean who doesn't love queso?

2. Continue spending time building my body strength. Right now we are on a super great track and when we move into our own place I want to continue on that track.

3. Practice photography. I have had a blast learning from my classes and getting out there taking photos of people I love. Now I want to take that another step or 3 further in this upcoming year.

4. Be patient and selfless. I've learned the number one reason I am frustrated or irritated is because I am impatient and being selfish. I tend to always want things done now and this year I really want to focus and grow personally.

So there you have it.
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