IMG_0135-2IMG_0157-2 IMG_0145-2 Hey all! So some new fun things happening around here. Liiiiiiiiiike a new blog name! I always been obsessed with the name Kole that came from my Maiden name Koliopoulos. I was convinced we would name our first born Kole. I still love the name but after a little dreaming I came up with Kole Impressions. This is a place for my take on every day beauty. A place and opportunity for growth and design. We live in a fast paced world and I think everyone should have a creative outlet that leaves there mark on this world. Though this space has been very neglected in the midst of 5 moves this past year I'm excited to bring a new spin and update here. Pictures mean everything to me. Whenever I go through pictures I feel so connected to those moments and so very thankful for the life I live. So check back here for lots of pictures of daily inspirations,  achievements and my attempt at being domestic ha. I'm finally finding a balance between my time and I'm excited to share a tiny bit of our life with this space! hmmm change is good.
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