So its still been freezing…what'd they say it was yesterday -30 or something. Not gonna lie, I'm still so happy we are not in Chicago with that low of a number. Anyway, Austin is downstairs sanding our table that I can't wait to show everyone. I swear its like a baby. Lately I've been that way with him. Treating him l like my child…ha…but more in a way that is so deeply excited for his accomplishments. Bad analogy? Probably.. You know when you meet someone and they completely blow you away? You know the potential they hold and what they have to offer people. Thats how I felt right when I met Austin. It was like I saw everything at once and slowly everything I saw has come out to show. It has been the most awe-inspiring life. In times of stress I love him more than I ever knew I could. So besides me gooshing over my man. I have a few others thoughts as well. Like the word Work… and how I'm learning to leave work at work and to leave the stress that comes at work at work. Oh, and every picture I see of myself I finally look older. For a while there I thought I was gonna be chubby cheeks forever. It's werid to look at yourself and realize these things about yourself. My life has been quite the adjustment. I think at least once a week me and Austin talk about how we did everything in our first year of marriage that we weren't suppose to. Like move to 3 different states with a total of moving 5 times. Or have like 6 bajillion jobs or fight like crazy over an empty toilet paper roll and all just because we wanted to.We did everything that should of made our marriage fail and now being on the other side of things I love him more than ever. I love every single moment of struggle and every moment of break through. I know we all find our way in life and everyone has different struggles and break through I've just been overly thankful for my life lately.

Also, Maybe if I see enough pictures of myself wearing black ill start wearing brighter colors to work? Crossing my fingers.
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