IMG_5987 IMG_5980 IMG_5986 IMG_5968 IMG_5966 IMG_5991 Are these not a dream? I wish this tiny green house was in my home! One day! right? After I get my green thumb and stop killing everything I touch. Yesterday we had the day off and it was glorious! We bought some green things and a few coffee sac's that raw coffee beans come in. I cant wait to frame and hang those beauty's. We spent most of our day in Manitou where we grabbed some food at the Keg and ran around to a few stores. I think Manitou will always be a home to me. I lived there on and off for 2 years and was always to busy to enjoy that little town. Now every time I go back every single beautiful memory comes back. Its pretty perfect. If your in town you have to stop at this green house. (right next to hells kitchen) and get yourself some unique cacti! Cant wait to repot some of the little's and watch them bloom!

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