Lately the snow has been coming down like we live in Colorado or something… ha. but seriously talk about some serious snow. I'm hoping this means that we will have the perfect summer weather how it use to be 2 years ago ya know before all the fires decided to invade the Springs and make the weather go crazy. I'm definitely crossing my fingers for that. Lately, my surroundings have been perfect. By that I mean, everything that could be perfect is perfect. Yet I still definitely feel like I am wondering around with not a clue what is going on. Maybe its because we have been traveling for a year and I'm not use to consistency or maybe its because I think things are too good to be true right now. Maybe I need to accept the fact that we deserve all the wonderful life we have around us. Our family is in town right now and I absolutely love having a space where our family can come stay.

Stephanie PollockComment