SOO.. if I had to define my style this would be it. this would be my daily grab.  It's pink and girlie and soooooo relaxed. Pink it definitely my color. I absolutely love neon colors in small doses.  So hot pink and bright orange tend to make my days more fun! Also… it's Austin approved so its a win-win.  Oh, whats that you noticed my hair? You can thank my girl brandi for that bump. It's pretty much my favorite look right now. Its a little dressy, rockish and makes it easy not to wash my hair!

These pictures Austin snapped before we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday with friends. It was awesome, because while taking these photos the garage started opening behind me .. The sweet people who live in front of us were probably a little confused as to why I was so close to them when it opened.  (add that to my list of awkward things)

Anyways, my birthday was perfect. I celebrated not being a baby anymore. Turning 21 one for me was more than just a party! I finally get to do things with Austin we couldn't before. There has been countless times when we are out with people we can't do things because its too late and you have to be 21 to get in…. I was the official party pooper for yearsssss. So to start off the day Austin surprised me and got together the sweetest breakfast with some of my best girlfriends, he took me shopping and then we had margaritas all day at a few of my favorite spots here in the springs. It was seriously a blast. The best part was just hanging out with my friends who are more like family. They love me even if suck at bowling and am a mess.

I'm wayyyyy excited for the season of my life. This new year I'm going to embrace like never before. Really be me you know….show my true colors. Its gonna be gggreeeeeeaaaat one!
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