Walking into a room of silence.... Happens way to often. What do I do with my hands?...what am I suppose to say? It is torture!

 Am I making the same face in all of these photos? I think so…can we get a smile stephanie a laugh maybe?

While answering phones this week I have sounded like an rugged sailor.

People calling me Bethany on the phone... and me correcting them more than once. this is the worst

That awkward moment of shaking someones hand and they look you up and down. Can we not look people up and down from here on out?

Calling my tattoo appt to reschedule and when they answered starting saying "this is Stephanie calling from creekside at palmer park how can i help you" Them going "uhhhhh" and then rescheduling through that. Im not cool enough....

Not so Awkward:

 I haven't washed my hair in 4 days and it is glorious

 Being brave in hard situations

Winning an incentive at work

My awesome brother buying me this blazer for my birthday

Turning 21 in one day. its the little things in life... ha (little things)

Progress on my sleeve. I know people who talk about getting tattoos are lame. But man am I excited to finish that sleeve off. you can see a tiny bit of it in picture one.

Austin catering to my every need when I had a sore throat. that man loves me too good.

and my favorite one..... FINALLY trying dutch brothers coffee and my life being forever changed.

Loved when [this blogger] did these posts. Defiantly have enough awkward in my life to share.

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