sooooooo, last week Austin wasn't feeling that amazing and this week i started coming down with what he had. Its spring! and everyone in my office has gotten sick, so i was determined not to get the same thing. These are some of the things we use to naturally fight off colds, sore throats and any other bugs.

Deep Lung: Honestly the best stuff I've ever used. I started using this stuff about a year ago when i felt like an elephant was sitting on my lungs for 2 months. My friend Stephanie recommended it and i cant not say enough about it! Austin thinks it taste like caramel without the sugar. I wouldn't exactly say it tastes like caramel.... but it works! Its like as soon as you take those droplets it breaks up everything on  your chest and you can breathe again! You can get it at whole foods, online and i thinkkkkk sprouts! Seriously you wont regret this.

Sinus Blaster: I probably love this one just as much. Austin was having some sinus and cold systems a month ago. He went to whole foods talked to the most wonderful people in (whole body whoop!) and came home with this. We probably over use it that how much we believe it works! It is the most minty amazingness and such a relief if you have sinus pressure or even a sore throat. It has Garlic and horseradish and all of those super strong antioxidants. Really clears you up.

Lavendar: I bought this to make candles with...and that boat has not sailed yet. So I've been rubbing this on my feet and putting it in our cool air mister. Lavender is probably my favorite scent ever. One day i hope to grow lavender. I haven't even gotten into how amazing lavender is for you. You have a headache? rub this stuff on your temples and feet.  Lavender also is incredible for nose bleeds, cuts, sores , nausea and plenty more.

I've been on the look-out to take a oil's class. I have been saving my pennies to order a essential oil kit. I think i'm going to end up going with YOUNG LIVING or NATIVE AMERICAN NUTRITIONALS. I'm super excited to get more into essential oils, I've done a ton of research on companies and read a lot of positive/nasty reviews on some as well. I'm excited because me and Austin never ever get sick. We may not "feel good" some days but mosttttt of the time if we are being completely honest we are probably being babies and want a little more attention. When I say We i more mean me... ha. I'm just excited to get the ball roiling on these oils for those days we start having some systems and for every day use.

GARLIC: I've made plenty of "garlic remedies" over the past few years for Austin, some im sure he might of not liked me to much for. The best and easiest solution is just chopped up garlic with a spoon full off honey. Try to get RAW honey. Since leaving Chicago we have been having a hard time finding a raw honey that we like. We've been using this local one in the picture above. But i wish it was RAW. To read about why garlic is so amazing for you body click [here]

HONEY: That's an obvious one, that we are sorta of cheating right now when it comes to honey. I'm a believer in RAW, Local HONEY. The way i look at it is its pretty much a healer of all. It's also something my husband loves. He doesn't looveeee to many things that are naturally healing but honey... Honeyyy he could do all day. So hot water, honey and lemon has been our drink of choice for the past little while. Honey is full of vitamins, minerals enzymes and antioxidants. I would encourage anyone to start adding more raw, organic local honey into their diet and watch how much better they feel. Read more on honey[ here]

I've been wanting to make this[lemon salt scrub]and this[lavendar one]

*please remember these are just my opinions and stuff that has worked for me and my family.I fully believe in finding a natural remedy to cure a symptom.