Always having a run in my panty hoes(insert rap song here) its never ending. I should just shave my legs or something.

The fact that I just said the word panty hoes…that word just makes me think of nuns(nothing against nuns)

When spottify randomly starts playing at work. Que when my boss thinks i don't do sh*t but listen to music.

Phone conversations when you both are cutting each other off and both trying to talk... pause…talk..pause..talk oh wait you go ..no you…no you…silenceeeeeeeeeeeeee…this is my life.

Girl talk int he bathroom while someones suppose to do their business. Its like you know you should walk out…but where else are you suppose to girl talk.. so then you whisper and it gets real awkward real fast up in there.

Car salesman.. in all of their glorious pushy ways.

That one time in Chicago I asked a blind gentleman what someone looked like. YOU CANT COME BACK FROM THAT. And my husband reminds me of it all the time.

Kind of awesome:

When your driving and you make eye contact with the car next to you over and over again. Now usually this would be considered awkward. But now days I like to make a fancy little game out of it. like "oh hey you…I know your going to look..I know you want to look…come on…. (looked) AH I TOLD YOU you were going to look…. people are confused by my smile.

Almost burning our house down thus I get rewarded with new pots and pans!

Austin almost falling asleep on me after work. Afternoon naps are the best.

When my man told me he misses working out with me… at the actual GYM..like where their are weights and i have to somehow gain all the strength i can and spot him. HE MISSES ME…at the gym…spotting him…(he didn't say the last part) but still this is huge!

Buying a PRIUS: Que tax write off and on average 50 MPG. so suck it with all of your lame jokes! Me and my Prius are riding dirty.

Getting all of your outline done on your sleeve. That little needle is a cuss word. Bring on that gloirius Shading needle.

andddd the winner is: Austin driving 60 miles in the snow. Pretty big deal for him to stay calm and get through it! What would I do without him?

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