I'd thought id take a minute to talk about skincare. Living out west the air is soooooooo dry. Even though I absolutely love that it is not humid my face doesn't always love me back. These are some products that I'm in love with and my skin seems to actually love me back!

BEE MAGIC: This stuff is true to its name. Completely magic. I rub it any cuts, tattoos, dry skin, scabs, my face pretty much anything.

NOURISH ORGANIC: I've been beyond happy with this face cream. It has a super refreshing scent. It has Clean ingredients and makes my face as smooth as a babies skin. Its a win-win in my book. I love that this company has all of their ingredients and why its a great product on their [website].

DR. HAUSCHKA: Ive been using tinted moisturizer for years. My sweet friend gave this to me in my gift on my birthday. I have to admit I am solllllld! It is pure in ingredients and thick in moisture. Usually while using a tinted moisturizer I have to put a ton of lotion on before and then I still feel like as soon as I put it on it dried out my face. Well this stuff goes the extra mile. It goes on like cream but doesn't over do the tint. I cant wait to use more of their incredible products!

I love supporting companies that are honest and make quality products. It's definitely worth the extra doe. There is also some awesome coupons out in the whole body section at your local whole foods. Im all about those coupons!