Life has been too good.  Work has been amazing. I've been doing happy dances.  At any moment I get the chance I like to compare our lives to Jim and Pam's from the office. Austin and I like to pretend we work together since we are in the same business but different offices so I'm constantly giggling over things he texts me all day.. now all we need is a Dwight to play pranks on. One day we will work together... and its coming fast! I can feel it! That day will be the best day in our history, it will be the day all of our dreams come true. I can honestly say we work better together than we do apart. Ive shared this dream with a lot of people and each time I get a negative response saying they could never work with their spouse. Which is totally okay.. everyone is different but our hearts to work together is definetly a blessing. So in the mean time I'm just crossing my little fingers for that day to come faster. 

On another note: I have the best mother in the world who sent me this flashy skirt in a birthday package. She knows that a good skirt does wonders for my inner shopper. I'd be broke if i didn't have my mother, she finds the best sales in the world.

anddddd now I'm going to go enjoy my day off with my dreamboat! Happy Tursday Friends!

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