Shirt: free people through RUE LA LA,  jeans by buffalo, shoes: khols.

Yesterday was the day i almost burnt our house down… Lets start here. we only have 3 pots. They technically aren't even ours. We have been debating back and forth off of these amazing top of the line superrrr expensive pots for about 6 months and we just have no pulled the gun yet.. so we have 3. one is slightly burnt already, 1 was "borrowed" and 1 was perfect. So I used the perfect one to make this recipe that I was super excited about. When austin got home I went upstairs to talk make out for a minute we kept hearing a knock and some weird noises. I finally realized oh sh*t something is burning! So after running downstairs, smoke was everywhere and the pot was destroyed. So instead of staying in and making ratatouille… we laughed went to khols bought decent boughs and went out to eat. It was a perfectly unperfect night and reminded me of how much my husband loves me.

on a positive note I got my new free people shirt that I scored for more than half off. This shirt is going for $88 plus shipping and I got it for over %50 off. thats a major score in my book. so i've been stalking this website to see what other good finds are waiting for me.