When we drove up to Denver today I made a big deal about wanting a new picture of us together. We never actually get pictures together that turn out. We are a mess at selfies...its quite pitiful. When I finally found a place where no one was it took me forever to even get a picture in focus... The camera was propped up on my wallet and just wouldn't focus.  Then an old man pulled up and yelled at us for being on his lawn... I know I know I'm being dramatic. It was actually pretty funny and turned out kind of cute as well!

Austin: Jumping on the dream wagon and wanting to explore the world with me.  Also have I mentioned that having your own personal chef is pretty much the best thing ever. He makes some mean Mexican food.

Stephanie: Today (post-pictures) I got my elbow filled in. I officially am a beast and I don't care who knows it! Life together is perfect.

drum rollllll....