I have not been in the blogging groove lately. As I like to stress to Austin, I want/NEED to blog but justttt haven't.  He laughs at my ridiculousness . Maybe its because I've been watching my favorite movie ever made... the Secret life of Walter Mitty too much and I've been wanting to live my moments instead of capture them. Or maybe its because I'm being to lazy to pick up the camera. Because that little motto above kind of goes against my beliefs of capturing every small moment that comes my way. Either way... I'm jumping back on the train.

I know I talk about this all the time. I am having an itch to travel. One day I will learn what being content means. OR i've been pondering the thought that I am actually quite content. I'm quite content with life and our life but I'm starting to realize I just don't like being content that I like not knowing whats next I like going against the crowd and not having a plan. You know.. Living life on the edge eating ginger and stuff. We will come back to this little blurb in a few months so I hope I don't keep you on your toes for too long.

Buttt... to actually blog about these pictures. This dress was a whopping $13 buckaroo's. Me and drop waist dresses were meant to be. Love at waistsight... Second our incredible landlords installed AC into our lofty bedroom. To say that we are blessed by their kindness is an understatement. Third. We had over 40 miller moths in our house. Austin and I were fighting... running around with kitchen utelsils and a spray bottle trying to kill these suckers. I finally broke and Austin went to go get a bug bomb. The next day all of those mothaa' suckers 40 + were laying on the ground face up. It was a disgusting but glorious battle won.