IMG_8027IMG_7990 IMG_7027IMG_8040IMG_8069-2IMG_8015IMG_8034IMG_7120IMG_7112IMG_7104IMG_7090IMG_7107IMG_8032IMG_7123Yesterday we went to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. It was just the perfect min-vacation. We were going to drive all the way to Pagosa Springs but decided we would save that one for another day. This perfect view is just 2 hours away from the springs. We could live there. The springs were perfect we had access to all the pools, the river pools and some other fun spa things. These are the days we remember why we moved back here. These are the moments we fall in love all over again. There is nothing like treating yourself and each other to some alone time. I love taking mini trips where you feel like your 1,000 of miles away. We dreamt of owning land and having a farm and it just being us out there to hike around and discover whats out there. I particularly like these hot springs because they don't stink like sulfur it was just fresh mountain spring water. It was crazy when we went to the river it was soooo hot! The mainstream was freezing but the side pools were burning up. We definitely were a little amazed by that. On the way home I kept trying to pull over and take photos of cows. We kind of have an odd obsession. Austin reallllly wants a cow... We talk about it every road trip. So I've been trying to snap a photo close up and every time I pulled over and got a little close they all ran... like little babies! One day we will have a cow and it will be so use to me sticking the camera in its face. Is it silly those are the days we dream about? Maybe so, but they are perfect for us. Days like this remind us why we work so hard toward our goals.

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