IMG_8322MEL5 Melody is my favorite fake red head. We just have the best of times. She has the absolute biggest heart. She was one of my roommates all through college and us girls all went to Germany a while back. Mel ended up going back to Berlin for 3 months (maybe 4?) and now that she's been back in Colorado for not even a year she is going back in July. I'm going to hide in her suitcase and sneak past customs! Its an honor to see what a gorgeous women she has become. I go to weddings and I see people who have known their friends their entire lives. Yet I feel like the luckiest girl because the friends I met not even 4 years ago know me better than any other. I'm crazy blessed to have met the people I have and crazy thankful as well. Back to Mel, She is spunky and sassy and stunning all in one.  I mean just look at her!

She even lets me make her look at the sun and put shadows on her face! A true friend she is!