UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Awkward:

 Someone calling your work and asking if this is the place that sells used breast pumps....Me and my co worker listened to that recorded call a few times just to relive the awkwardness.

 Bad Spinach, pretty much the grosses thing...

Eating a soup full of veggies and what that does to you.... Steph Thorn you know!

Your boss telling you to Yotube how a egg is layed and you watching it, ruins eggs forever. don't watch it... it is tempting though...

Failing off sidewalks while walking people around the property.

Thinking I could answer the phone and type my very important emails at the same time. Jumbling the phone and the email and looking oh wayyyyy to professional.

Calling a resident by there last name 8 or 9 times and them finally correcting you. Who has a last name that sounds like a first name?

Singing the verse "in the forest I made my home" over and over again a little to loud. From the song: If my heart should somehow stop By: James Vincent McMorrow.

Not so Awkward:

Bringing donuts to a potluck going away party. We are winning at the game called friendship.

Lauren from LKP letting me second shoot with her at this beautiful wedding last Sunday. I felt like I had to wear the drivers hat in the photo. It was sweaty and that makes this sorta awkward but definitely awesome.

Happy hour. Just the two of us. Feels good to chill and laugh and laugh alot.

You boss unintentionally buying organic frozen fruit to go with your favorite greek yogurt. Little did she know she will feed me for days!

Naps! Austin slept I pretended to sleep and caught up on some things. We dont take enough time to rest.

Ben Howard... getting me through my work week.

GIRLFRIEND TIME. I got to spend 2.5 whole hours with my very best old roommates. I love where Jesus has brought us in life. I cherish every single moment with those girls!!! Every moment I tell ya!

Oh and[this recipe.] ( I used coconut oil, almond butter and shavings of orange chocolate.) SO good! I am loving her blog.