photo 3-11
I managed to keep all my cacti alive during a intense transplant.
photo 1-16
 These ladies have landed in our yard and we get the fruits of their labor come august.
photo 2-16
 I shouldn't be allowed in Lowe's alone. I want all of the plants that remind me of the beach.
photo 1 (1)photo 1-17
As you can tell....We're getting pretty spectacular at mirror shots..
photo (4)
 Austin bought me two bunches of flowers because he said I extra deserved them.
photo (3)
 I live for these nights.. getting toasted and stuck in the rain.

These past two weeks have been killing it! This post has nothing to do with the normal awkward post under this title. But a quick fun fact: I have killed 9 moths by hand and have about 40 to go. Colorado moth season sucks!