IMG_7070 Making :Coffee.
Cooking: Actual Recipes, this is a new thing for me. Usually I just throw things together. I'm enjoying this recipe thing.
Drinking: My new favorite Martini.
Reading: Samuel
Wanting: a vacation

Looking: At photographers I inspire to be.
Playing: The lets sleep in game
Wasting: Time working
Sewing: In a dream world I would be sewing skirts .
Wishing: For next weekend to come faster.
Enjoying: Naps
Waiting: Till closing time
Liking: Ben Howard
Wondering: Where we will be in a year from now. (its going to be amazing) (no im not pregnant)
 Loving: This weather

Hoping: To make candles, and homemade lattes tomorrow morning. Both at the same time.
Marveling: at buzz feed. is that horrible to say im marveling at it?
Needing: That trip to the hot springs
Smelling: Incense. our house smells magical
Wearing: Hopefully a bathing suit one of these days
Following: My best friends travels through Russia.(miss you jess!)
Noticing: Flaws and accepting them

Knowing: That life is good
Thinking: About hiking The Half Done in Yosemite.
Feeling: Energized. Its about dang time!
Bookmarking: New found blogs.
Opening: My new license that came in the mail. It has my real name on it now.
Giggling: The other night on the way home. non stop.
 Feeling: Exactly where im suppose to be.