While I was driving home late from work at 6:35 when Austin was suppose to get home at 7 and I was magically suppose to have dinner ready and be ready to go play with that golden sun that I've been dying to pull my camera out on.... my friend sent me this picture. Through all of my frustration with traffic and jamming out to Bon Iver in my Prius I started to laugh. This picture is completely unposed. I had no clue this was even taken and it makes me laugh at how serious we are. We look a little mad... a little different I would never think this would be snapped. I was probably saying I was hungry ha and he was giving me a "are you serious face". A picture can say a lot. It can be pretend or it can be real. It can be a made up moment with made up words or a real moment when we are exposed and when life is real. This is what this picture is to me. It's real and not posed and not even attractive. But for me it kind of shot me into reality. Drive homes are hard for me especially when work was particularly annoying that day and I have a really bad case of road rage(thanks dad) . This picture snapped me out of it and oddly I became thankful for my day and thankful that life is real. That our relationship is real. Its my fairytale for sure but life hurts and life is hard but life is beautiful. Its an adventure and everyday I'm seeing the adventure and beauty in life. It takes moments to snap me out of my own moods or pity parties to be thankful for the imperfection in my life.  Lately my life has been a bit painful. My family back home is is hurting, I never have enough time in the day, I want to do it all and I move so fast too fast. I want a little more than I need yet I long for a simple simple life. I have stumbled upon some really amazing opportunities but at the end of the day all that it matters to me is if I view my life beautiful. If I can truly take the good with the bad and make something beautiful of it. So lately I've been trying to breathe a little deeper, love a little harder and just take it all in. I know ill look back in this season of my life and be thankful for growth.